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Compile ITK, ANTs, SCCAN

@ the moment, ANTs is going through some changes.  here are some instructions:

open a terminal window and make a new directory.  call it ANTsStuff or whatever.

> mkdir ANTsStuff

> cd ANTsStuff

then type

> svn checkout ANTS
>  mkdir bin
>  cd bin/
>  ccmake ../ANTS/trunk/

then go into cmake and type “c” and then “g”  then exit back to the
terminal.   then:

>  make -j 4

and wait a while.

If there is an error like  ” cannot find  ‘some ITK file’ ”  then try this:

from the bin directory, cd into ITKv4 , then type:

>  git pull origin master

that will update ITK.

Contact if you have trouble.


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