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Compile InSANE

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compilation details are below but assuming you can compile, try these steps.

1.  call

./braintracer  your_vtk_data_with_correct_topology.vtk

2.  select “use original mesh” — then from the file menu call “Load
trace data” and load the curves.txt file that’s attached.

3.  change “edge color map” in the main window to  “simple” so you can
see the mesh

4.  hit the “compute regions” button in the marker window.  you should
see two colors appear, one inside the loop, one outside.    click on
the region marker s.t. the marker/flag inside the loop is highlighted.
you do this by clicking “Marker 4000” or whatever.

5.  click on the “map region” button in the markers window.

6  click on the rotation button, far left button at bottom of UI.

7.  go back to the main window and change the edge color map to “None”

8.  also change the vertex color option to “Feature” (at the bottom
of the panel that comes up from vertex color’s pull out).

9.  if the display appears black, adjust the color map range in the
Main window.

10.  to generate your own trace data,  select the   loop button (2nd
from right at the bottom of the UI) and draw a loop on the surface.

11.  select the flag button ( at right on the bottom of the UI) and put
1 flag in the loop and 1 outside.  then go to step 4.

there may be some bugs, though.

so the idea is the user draws the loop interactively, throws  down
some flags within different closed loop patches and then segments the
surface into labeled regions  … these regions can be mapped and
analyzed separately/together/whatever.

anyway, hope you can compile it, at least.

let me know what you think and thanks.


so the procedure to compile insane for osx is :

=== 1.  get itk 3.20 ===
get itk 3.20  — build with  architecture i386

=== 2.  same for vtk ===
download vtk-5.6.1 & compile

=== 3.  fltk ===
download  v1.3.x-r7794  & compile via  sudo make install

=== 4.  download insane  === (change stnava to your user name or use
the anonymous checkout)
cvs -d
co BrainTracer
ccmake insane

you should also add to the braintracer cmake compilation:
CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS           -framework AudioToolbox

your CMakeCache.txt should look like :

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE                 release
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX             /usr/local
CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT                /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk
FLTK_BASE_LIBRARY                /usr/local/lib/libfltk.a
FLTK_CONFIG_SCRIPT               /usr/local/bin/fltk-config
FLTK_FLUID_EXECUTABLE            /usr/local/bin/fluid
FLTK_FORMS_LIBRARY               /usr/local/lib/libfltk_forms.a
FLTK_GL_LIBRARY                  /usr/local/lib/libfltk_gl.a
FLTK_IMAGES_LIBRARY              /usr/local/lib/libfltk_images.a
FLTK_INCLUDE_DIR                 /usr/local/include
FLTK_MATH_LIBRARY                /usr/lib/libm.dylib
ITK_APPLE_RESOURCE               /usr/bin/Rez
ITK_DIR                          /Users/brianavants/code/ITK320/bin
VTK_DIR                          /Users/brianavants/code/bin/vtk


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