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ANTs leads in open competition / evaluation

The SyN Paper is one of the most cited in Medical Image Analysis since 2008

Advanced Normalization Tools finished first overall in three different competitions that test the reliability, reproducibility and accuracy of our image registration and segmentation methods.   This is joint work with Nick Tustison, Gang Song, Paul Yushkevich, Hongzhi Wang and Hans Johnson.

Each of these was conducted in a blinded fashion and judged impartially on hidden data.  These types of open competitions provide a more accurate window into the rigor and reliability of methods in real world scenarios.

1)  Klein 2009 brain mapping competition

2) Murphy 2011

3) Multi-atlas challenge MICCAI 2012

The conclusion of this workshop was that the registration tool strongly impacts performance ( all the top finishers used ANTs ) and that, in future workshops , everyone should use ANTs (or another equally good tool). This would allow pure testing of the multi-atlas labeling approach.



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